GRESEX BAT Grissini and bread snacks machine with Minipan exclusive Scrap Free Technology

The essence of flexibility. An amazing range of shapes: grissini of every shape and diameters, bread loaves, but also flat breads of thickness below 1mm. Everything completed by an integrated topping device for sesame or poppy seeds, with automatic recovery of the excess. GRESEX is a complete, reliable and modern solution, to guarantee a long lasting investment: many machines in one, to afford the always more moody market.
Furthermore, thanks to Minipan exclusive SCRAP-FREE technology, there is no lateral waste. No waste, no unjustified costs of the process, more savings, more revenues.
GRESEX. So flexible that will never pass fashionable.

+ High Versatility
+ Scrap Free Technology, no waste, more revenues

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