Industrial Lines

High performances, sanitary design, terrific reliability. It doesn't matter whether you need to shape bread, bread snacks, cookies or gluten-free, you will find the best solutions on the market with the highest quality standard.

Bread, Pizza and Pinsa

Custom-made make-up technologies for high hydration artisan bread, Pizza, Roman-style Pinsa,  tin bread, moulded bread, baguette, ciabatta, sandwich bread, toast bread, pizza base, hot dog bread, hamburger bun and so on.

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Biscuits And Cookies

Depositors with extruding heads with wire cut and guillotine cut to shape cookies, biscuits and sweet. Satisfy your creativity.

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Bread Snacks

High performances solutions to shape every kind of bread snack you may have in mind: grissini, breadsticks, taralli, sushki, sukariki, crostini, croutons, thins, flatbread, flat crisp bread, pretzels and much much more.

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Gluten Free Products

Bread, bread snacks, biscuits, cookies, sweets, whatever it is the gluten free product that you have in mind you will find the right answer to your needs.

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Tray Handling Solutions

Automate one of the most annoying parts of the baking process.

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Topping Solutions

Pickers and distributor for seeds, spices, salt, sugar, cheese, even fruit jam or anything else you may want on your products.

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