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Big news coming to IBIE

Join us at booth #5881 and discover our new logo.

Big news coming to IBIE

We are very happy to announce that we will take part in another edition of IBIE, the international baking exhibition in Las Vegas from the 8th to 11th of September, booth #5881.

This edition will be particularly important for us because we will present not only new forming solutions for bread but, most of all, our new logo and corporate image.

With the constant growth of the company and the improvements we have done to our industrial lines and machines during these years, we started to feel that our image should have been more representative of what we are today and we aim to be tomorrow. Our new logo stands for it and we cannot wait to show it at IBIE.

About the lines at the exhibition, we will bring the MULTIPURPOSE LINE FOR SPECIALITY BREAD and the COMBY PLUS, our industrial extruder for cookies and sweets, even gluten-free.

The MULTIPURPOSE LINE FOR SPECIALITY BREAD is the quintessence of the MINIPAN way: automation based on tradition, without compromises. Strong of the deep know-how in dough lamination, this unique solution can shape many different breads: from hamburger buns to tin bread, passing through hot dog rolls and moulded breads. The core of the line is the RAFFINATORE: punch and fold technology used as sheet generator. RAFFINATORE homogenizes the air cells distribution inside the crumb and gives to the final product an amazing texture, while respecting tradition and original baking methods. The line is equipped with MINIPAN exclusive SCRAP FREE TECHNOLOGY, which avoids the re-cut of the edges and delivers to the forming station a sheet of dough strictly controlled in width and thickness. No waste means cheaper process and turns to more revenues. Last but not least, the forming station is another innovation in MINIPAN's range. Depending on the recipe, producers can use the moulding device to shape rolls such as hot dog bread, sandwich bread and tin bread, or the rounder to obtain buns

Coming to the sweet side, we will bring to IBIE our extruder for cookies with inclusions up to 30%: COMBY PLUS. An extremely gentle and efficient extruding head with #2 stainless steel rollers that can deposit, wire cut or guillotine cut a whole universe of sweet products, even gluten-free. The overall design of the head is the secret ingredient of this solution. Our engineers have been working on two main changes: increasing extrusion efficiency through bigger diameter rollers while improving their superficial grip to the dough in process. Better grip equals less friction, to avoid the generation of inconsistent temperature pockets. As a result, COMBY PLUS can achieve a great flow consistency while treating the dough very gently and guarantee a perfect portion control.
COMBY PLUS is designed to assure the highest standard in terms of sanification: the extruding head can be removed and high pressure washed offline while electrical parts remain perfectly safe onboard. Furthermore, any operator can take apart the head without using tools.

Join us at booth #5881 and find out one more time that there is nothing mini about what we do.