Moulded Bread and Pao Frances Line

Moulded Bread and Pao Frances Line total respect for the tradition which leads to the best moulded bread and pao frances ever made

Innovation based on tradition.
Presented at IBA 2018 for the first time, the brand new Moulded Bread and Pao Frances Line is strong of more than 60 years of experience in laminating dough. Featuring punch&fold technology as sheet generator, the train of #3 Raff presented here, is an amazing example of a traditional technology developed into a futuristic line. Furthermore, thanks to Minipan exclusive Scrap Free technology, there is no lateral waste but a unique sheet of dough strictly controlled in width and thickness.
No waste, better efficiency = cheaper process and more revenues.
Spotlight on the brand new moulding device: a huge innovation and upgrade to Minipan’s range.

+ No extruders
+ Innovative moulding, endless adjustments for just a better roll
+ Scrap Free technology, no waste, more revenues

Achievable shapes with this line

Moulded bread

Moulded bread

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