Bread Rolls and Bisnaguinha Line

Bread Rolls and Bisnaguinha Line our industrial solution featuring the Raff®: punch & fold in line!

Following Minipan way to respect the traditional methods completely, the Bread Rolls and Bisnaguinha Line features a variable number of RAFF­­® in line as sheet generators.
Thanks to its punch and fold process, the RAFF® enhances the gluten network of the dough and generates a unique sheet of dough.
Furthermore, the Bread Rolls and Binsaguinha Line is equipped with Minipan exclusive SCRAP FREE® technology that eliminates the lateral waste and guarantees a unique sheet of dough precisely controlled in width and thickness.
Respect of the traditions + No waste = Perfect products & more revenues.

+ Traditional sheet generation (no extruders)
+ CRAP FREE®technology, no waste, more revenues
+ Raffs in line that exalt the qualities of the dough

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