• Transforming an idea, a dream, into a product.



Innovating and researching – Astonishing the market

These are the activities that drive our development. And this is what our clients deserve: efficient and reliable solutions to give creativity a shape. With this target in mind we built a team of professionals led by a unique philosophy: creativity to serve productivity. A philosophy that pushes us daily to answer unsolved questions always moving beyond the limits fo the feasible. All this reflects our unique goal: to give to the taste of tradition a shape. Our clients, their needs and their creativity are the heart of our business. Like a tailor who makes products to measure, Minipan knows how to listen and provide suitable answers for every requirement, even the most particular, becoming a partner in the development of its clients’ businesses. Constantly listening to the client, combined with our ability to understand the requirements of a continuously evolving market, while maintaining strong ties with tradition, make Minipan a company that is able to establish profitable business relationships based on mutual trust and cooperation.

Our History

Minipan S.r.l. was established in its current corporate form in 1985, taking over the business and know how of La Minipan di Folli S.r.l., manufacturer of bread and pastry machines since 1957. From that moment the company took on an original aspect, specialising in the construction of highly automated, custom built, bread and pastry making equipment. With over 50 years of experience in the sector, Minipan is now a leader on the national and international scene, where it operates as a serious and meticulous partner at the complete disposal of anyone who wishes to “give taste a shape”.



Minipan today

Minipan machines and production lines are suitable for forming pastry and bakery products, particular bread specialties, typical regional specialties and fresh bread substitutes: breadsticks, “taralli” (bite-size bread cracker snack), “friselle” (hard, thick crispbread), crackers. The most recent technological developments have allowed Minipan to become an international leader in the forming of baked snacks, with a special aptitude for dietetic and organic bread products, including gluten-free bread products especially for celiac people. Constant attention to the production processes and a strong push towards efficiency allowed our company to attain ISO 9001:2000 quality certification as early as 1999, with the sole aim of satisfying our most demanding clients. With widespread distribution, today Minipan works worldwide with the most important companies in the sector. In terms of product policy, Minipan S.r.l. intends to pursue further differentiation with respect to the competition, qualifying as a producer of quality machines and widening the possibilities of use of its products. We are investing in the performance, versatility and automation fronts with our aim in the short term being to serve a clientele that is ever more important in terms of size and product customisation needs. For this purpose we increased our design resources investing huge efforts in R&D. We can divide the variety of products that can be created with our equipment into 4 main sections:

1. MACHINES FOR BISCUITS AND COOKIES Deposited, wire-cut and hard biscuits Long extruded biscuits Co-extruded biscuits

2. MACHINES FOR BREAD SNACKS Breadsticks of all shapes, decorated with seeds, seasoning and herbs, “schiacciatine” (flat bread crackers), crackers “Taralli”, “Friselle” and double strand, twisted bread rings (patented system)

3. MACHINES FOR SPECIALITY BREADS “ciabatta” artisan bread lines rusks, sandwich and tin bread lines Sheeted Flat breads: Hamburgher, Pizza bottoms, Pita, Piadina, Tigelle “Ferrarese” bread (from Ferrara) and typical regional shapes

4. GLUTEN FREE BREADS AND BISCUITS All shapes available in conventional recipes are also available in gluten free, for which we have a wide range of solutions.